Thursday, 12 January 2017

Republic Day Specials 2017 at Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan

Perched haughtily amongst the softly undulating landscapes of the Raipur district of Rajasthan; Lakshman Sagar, is a chic re-interpretation of a quaint 19th century hunting lodge.

The package includes:
  • Traditional welcome (Rajasthan style)
  • Customized Private Dining
  • Complimentary bottle of house wine 
  • Nature walk & Bird watching 
  • Breakfast in the field
  • Angling in the lake, 
  • Local Liquor tasting session
  • Visit to the local market of Raipur
  • Qwaali Nights
  • Kayaking

The package costs Rs 34,999 for two nights & three days. For details and booking, call 09910029109 or 011 2649 4531/2 or email

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Rafiq Khan Langa at Lodi

Cassical Garden brings its second episode with yet another musical maestro,ready to take you on a musical journey of a fresh kind. Mohd Rafiq Langa is a renowned exponent of the traditional Rajasthani Folk instrument called Khartaal.Rafiq Khan Langa belongs to the famous Langa family of Rajasthan. He is the son of Ustad Rehmat Khan Langa.  The Langa family is globally known for traditional folk singing and playing famous instruments of Rajasthan. Rafiq's father taught him the art of khartaal-playing. By the age of 10, he had started giving public performances. When he turned 15, he began performing on national-level platforms. He has also done various shows abroad in countries like Russia, Pakistan, France, Australia, South Korea, Dubai, Nepal, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Japan, and US. He was awarded with Veena Ghoomar Cassette Award (2003) from Rajasthan.

Classical Garden At Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

#Classical #Garden is a rendition of soulful classical instruments played in a sublime garden setting. We are creating a special musical milieu with handpicked performers,brought together to create musical harmony with their techniques and instrumentation.
1. Rishab Prasanna - admin- Flute
2. Parvez Hussain- Tabla
3. Rohan Prasanna- Sarod
4. Jeanne- Tanpura 
Focusing on the ancient Indian art of musical 'jugalbandi', we are coming to inspire a generation of music lovers. All this and more in the most befitting setting of Lodi - The Garden Restaurant,a charming place with an eclectic vibe with an unmatched food and drinks menu.

Dont miss the chance to spend an inspired musical evening with us !

For reservations call +91 9818743232